"A Brief Explanation..."

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"Offering Help..!"



(josh, drop down headings below)


 • my money: (financial donations for various and/or specific projects... Housing [VEN's primary focus], food/clean water, medical and/or general household bill assistance, etc... AND/OR type of recipient [homeless vets, veteran families, active duty families, etc...)


 • my time: (seeking volunteer opportunities for helping veterans and their families and/or families of active duty servicemen and women)


• my stuff: (i would like to donate: car/s; major appliance/s; housing materials; clothing; toys for tots [or kids of any age]; computers, phones, books, gardening tools/supplies, etc...,etc...,etc...)



CONTACT INFO: address, cell, (SMS ok..?) email (please indicate preferred)


COMMENTS: please describe, as completely, as possible, what (and how) you'd like to give ...


if money... how much..? one time or recurring...? anonymous or, may we add you to our list of benefactors..?


if time... how many hours/days..? for what period of time...? a day, a week, a month, year-round..? what kind of work would you be comfortable with..?

manual/skilled labor (for renovations); landscaping work; helping distribute food (eg. for our Forgotten Harvest project..?) office work..(helping with

fund raising campaigns..?)


if stuff... exactly what kind of stuff..? in what quantity..? what condition..? when do you want to/ need to donate.?

does it require pick-up..? can you deliver..?